I live just down the street from the proposed site for West Layton Village. If you’re not familiar with it take some time and go read a little about it. In short it’s 140 acres of land that Layton City wants to turn into a mix of high-density apartments, commercial (boutique shops, a grocery store, restaurants, hotels, and bars) and professional space.

Sounds ok, right? Well, the problem is very few people want the high-density, the crime, the over-crowding of schools, the traffic or any of the mess that comes with sticking 5,000 people into one small piece of land when there is only about 10,000 people in all of West Layton to begin with. It’s crazy.

So obviously none of my neighbors want it. A few of them, and others from neighborhoods bordering this project site, got together and did a petition to stop it. This is when I thought I should put together a blog and share my own opinions about what was going on.


[Update: Sept 2012]
The petition succeeded and they got their votes. The whole city will now get to vote on what the city council tried to pass. This goes on the ballot Nov 6th according to flyers.

[Update: Oct 2012]
A lot of editorials have been flying back and forth over the what is now Proposition 2 and 3 on the ballot. There have been a lot of those speaking out against the plan (both members of the original petitioners and others like me). There have been a few for the plan (from the city council and a few others). I’ve re-published several here when I’ve gotten permission from the author.

Thanks for reading.

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