Music to the MAXX!

Topping my list of favorite local businesses is Music to the Maxx. You may remember them from their old location near Antelope/Hill Field. They’ve relocated and are still one great music store.

Stop in and chat up Greg if you get a chance. He’s a great guy, a stellar movie buff and an even bigger music connoisseur. So take some time and get to know him. He really cares about what he does and is the prime example of why you should buy from local shops over a big box or iTunes. Wait, are you still buying music off the internet? MP3’s just don’t compare to loss-less CD quality (try FLAC or AIFF instead). Ask Greg for some tips.

I frequently pop in to pick up new releases and I hope to see you there soon.

Music to the Maxx

3090 N Fairfield Rd (just north of hwy 193)