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AV Works Storefront in Layton Utah

Enough of politics for a while. I had this domain long before I decided to join the city antics. I really wanted this to be a reference to news and business in the area. At this time last year the news happened to be WLV. Now I’d like to spend some time doing stuff that is a bit more fun. I wanted to cover some businesses in the area that I know and love. I personally think it’s fantastic to discover a new little shop or restaurant. If you’re like me then you’ll enjoy this post.

Recently I’ve been working on my basement and I’ve always wanted to turn one of my rooms into a home theater. The only shop I knew of was just down the road and when I went there I was terribly disappointed. No help! So are started looking around and I found this great place over on the east side of Layton, Utah called AV Worx. They’ve been in the area since ’89 and are a place that I’ve only recently discovered. A few years ago they built their showroom over on the East side of hwy 193. They specialize in hi-fi and building custom home theaters in Utah.

Now, like I’ve said, I’ve always wanted to plan out a basement home theater that dropped a few jaws – mine mostly. So needless to say I enjoy looking at home theaters every chance I get. Here they had 2 great showrooms and in the main area that had a listening area for some top notch headphones. I love Grado headphones btw – AMAZING. They also had all of the great high end audio brands you’d expect – Bel Canto, Marantz, Sonus Faber, Kimber Kable, Control4 and the list goes on.

So, as a little back story, when I stopped in I had just came from another place that didn’t care to even talk to me after I told them I planned on building my home theater myself. So I just told the guy I was “just looking” and I went to check out their rooms they had set up. I had a couple of questions about layout and planning so I ventured to ask. I talked with a guy there name Jared and it was a complete 180 degrees from my previous experience. They were totally cool with the DIY approach to Home Theaters. I had really like their back-lit wall panels in one of the rooms and he took the time to explain to me how simple it was to do. I told him everything I was planning and he gave me some new ideas.

So long story short. I’ve added some new ideas to my basement home theater project and I’ve found a new store that I love to visit. And yes, I now have a new pair of Grado headphones as a result! I can’t wait for my next purchase there. I have my eyes on some stunning Sonus Faber speakers built with gorgeous finish like a fine violin. But those will have to be for another project….perhaps a home office turned concert hall.

So definitely go visit AV Worx.

By the neighborhood Walmart on hwy 193. On the west side of the street across from the Bethany Baptist Church.
1090 East Cambridge Circle, Layton

801-774-8080, 801-820-5050