Humble in Victory, Gracious in Defeat 1

I have always taught my children to be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. This has come into my mind several times over this last week as I watched the outcome of the prop 2 and 3 vote.

The day after the vote I grabbed someone from the opposition group and asked if I could help pick up the campaign signs – nothing bothers me more than to see campaign signs turn to litter. I grew up in an area similar to west Layton, albeit more rural, and I always hated to see these signs litter the countryside after an election. Left like trash on the roadside. So I asked if I could help and to my astonishment I was told that they were already all picked up. So I wanted to publicly say thank you. Thank you. Thank you for spending your time, money and efforts to make this a place where I enjoy to live. I also want to thank you for being humble in victory. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by at least one (me).

Sadly I still see a lot of “vote for” signs falling down and littering the vacant lots that I joked about a few weeks prior. Another thing that saddens me is to see the city’s laywer, Gary Crane, and Mayor Curtis attacking the win with allegations of criminal wrongdoing. To me this sounds like a spoiled child that didn’t get his way, so he’s taking his ball and going home. Graciously accepting defeat – not so much…

What am I talking about? Well the group was nearly blocked from putting out their statement for the “against” side in the required voters information pamphlet. A member of the group told me they weren’t notified about the pamphlet verbiage until the last day and were only give a couple of hours to write their position. The group then, on their own dime, put out an updated flier that, to me, was appropriately labeled “**Updated**” and looked similar to the required pamphlet (read more in the SL Trib).

Here is what the group had to say about it in the Standard:

Our pamphlet is an expanded version of our position in the voter information pamphlet released by the City of Layton ‘on our behalf,’ ” said the email, attributed to Tom Day. “It is our view that the City’s ‘opinion based’ pamphlet is more of an instrument of their own creation for pushing the village center high-density development and not strictly ‘information.’

“We believe that the citizens should see a more expanded explanation of our position on the propositions. It also appears we have more faith in the residents to read both pieces and make a determination for themselves.”

The city first took the flier/pamphlet to the State Elections office. When they ok’d the flier the city then turned around and threatened they were “considering taking legal action against the citizens group under Utah’s criminal code” according to the Tribune.

So let me get this straight – the city has taken it upon themselves to act as the developer, then voted on their own plan/re-zone, controlled comments on issues during city meetings and then, when voted down, they threaten that they will take legal action against the group? Where does it all end?

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