What Voice Does My Vote Get?

This very week we’ll have the great opportunity to cast our votes. We’ll not only be given the chance to vote for a president, but we’ll also be given the opportunity to shape our community. I love the democratic process. It truly shows that we have a power; that we have a voice. I have vocally and repeatedly shared my voice with you and I thank you for taking the time to read my posts. As I vote “AGAINST” Layton Utah’s proposition or “prop 2 and 3” I hope my voice is heard.

What do I hope to voice with my vote? I am unhappy that the Layton City Council has tried to push this through come hell or highwater. They’ve said they’ve “listened” and made “16 major changes” to the plan. They wouldn’t provide an explicit list of these to me so back through the plan I went… Major means easy to quantify and easy to find. The truth is there is only 1 major change that I’ve seen that is an improvement – they’ve limited the number of apartments in the T-4 zone. That is an improvement. We don’t need more apartments in our zip code. However, “apartments” just means typical apartments and doesn’t preclude townhomes. In my opinion, the rest should be considered minor changes.

With my vote I also want to voice that we need transparency in our government – especially our local government! We need to trust our city staff. We should be able to trust our representatives. At this time I don’t.

Do I want to outright stop this plan? No, read some of my other posts. It could be an asset if our planners followed the best practice guidebooks that they’ve put out to build these mixed-code developments. The pictures are pretty, but they aren’t a reality. This plan needs voted down and fixed. Jory Francis (councilman) unwhittingly made his vote and afterwards told some residents that now that it was passed we could work on some of the changes. Really?! Jory, making even a minor change to this plan now would be like an act of congress. Residents were trying to stop or slow this down because they understand that.

Can I get a guarantee that my taxes won’t go up? No. In fact the plan doesn’t state that the “pocket parks” are or aren’t considered city property. Who will pay for the maintenance of dozens of these pocket parks? You will! Crews can easily knock out a large park with very large equipment. With small pocket parks strewn throughout they will need smaller equipment and have to pack it up again and again and again as they move throughout the village center. Who is going to pay for that or the civic areas? Who can use them? In Daybreak I’ve seen how residents get very territorial with outsiders.

Get your own voice and make sure you use it. Vote for or against prop 2 and 3. The choice is yours, but just make sure you exercise it. Take a part in your city and vote. If you aren’t in City Council then this really is your only voice.