Alex Jensen is the Highest Paid City Manager in Utah 2

Did you know Alex Jensen, our City Manager, makes more than any other City Manager in the state? Yup. With a salary and benefits package of $232,594/yr he makes $30k more than Utah’s second highest paid City Manager according to This information is public record and is even broken down so you can subtract out his insurance benefits and 401K contributions.

Here’s a little civics lesson: In Layton City we have what they refer to as a Council-Manager form of city government (as opposed most US cities which are Mayor-Council). What this means is that where most cities elect a mayor that controls how the city is run – we do not. We elect a mayor mostly for the ceremony of the role. The real power in Layton’s form of government is in the City Council’s appointed City Manager role. Enter Alex Jensen. He’s been running the city since 1992 when he was originally appointed.

The average tenure of a city manager is typically 7-8 years. So is two decades of running a city too much power? Is he still serving the public “equitably” and keeping the “community members informed about local government matters”? These are just a few ethical codes required by a member of the ICMA (a professional society for City Managers). Just food for thought.

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